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Pickled Ever After - 17 Pickle Recipes for Your Wedding Favors

Sweet, tangy and savory, pickled vegetables and fruits are the latest trend in homemade wedding favors. If you've been thinking about giving out something pickled as your wedding favors, we have made it easy for you. Below is our curated list of 17 delicious pickle recipes to wow your guests.

1. Basic Pickles

These homemade pickles are simple and classic - a perfect choice for adding a homemade touch to your wedding. A personalized pickle tag and pickle label complete the rustic lok.

2. Pickled Beets

Image via allrecipes

A little tangy and a little sweet - your guests will be delighted to take these pickled beets home! Add a personalized pickled beets label to make your canning jars stand out even more.

3. Sauerkraut

Image via minimalist baker

This sauerkraut recipe gets its vibrant colors from the addition of beets and carrots. Not only is it delicious, it's also oh so pretty. We have the perfect sauerkraut labels to make your sauerkraut favors even more special.

4. Dilly Beans

Image via thekitchn

These vibrantly green dilly beans are perfect as wedding favors for a springtime wedding. Personalize it by adding a rustic dilly beans label.

5. Pickled Jalapeno

Image via simplyscratch

Keep your love hot and spicy with this pickled jalapeno recipe. Personalize yours with custom pickled jalapeno stickers and favor gift tag.

6. Fermented Pickled Vegetable

Image via thekitchn.com

This lacto-fermanted pickled vegetable recipe has the added benefit of gut-healthy probiotics, as it's just as simple to make as regular pickled vegetable. Just add this custom pickled vegetable labels to make your homemade gifts even more special.

7. Mango Chutney

Image via simplyrecipes

This mango chutney recipe is a little tangy, a little sweet with just a hint of spiciness and your guests will love it. We have mango chutney labels to help you personalize your mango chutney wedding favors.

8. Pickled Red Onion

Image via thekitchn

The rich pink color of this pickled onion recipe will brighten your wedding favors table, making it a good choice for your wedding favor. Accessorize your favors with your own personalized pickled onion stickers.

9. Pickled Radish

These pickled radishes are quick to make and will enhance any food. Your guests will love the sweet & tangy treat! Adding a custom pickled radish jar labels is a great way to personalize your wedding favors / homemade gifts.

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10. Pickled Carrots

Image via eatingwell

This spicy Mexican-style pickled carrot recipe is great for topping tacos, tostadas or any Mexican-inspired entrée. Pair it with these pickled carrot labels to make the perfect wedding favors that any wedding guest would love to receive.

11. Bread and Butter Pickles

Image via browneyedbaker

Canned bread and butter pickles make a great wedding favor. Top them off with a custom pickle favor label.

12. Pickled Mushrooms

Image via thewhiskyjack

These pickled and marinated mushrooms (see recipe) are made extra fancy with the addition of fennel and onions. Top them off with a custom pickled mushroom labels.

13. Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Image via seriouseats

These pickled Brussels sprouts (see recipe) are flavored with garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns and mustard seeds and are delightfully zingy. Personalize yours with a custom round pickled Brussels sprouts label or a rectangular label.

14. Preserved Lemons

Image via seriouseats

Preserved lemons add a big punch of flavor of heavy citrus, heavy floral notes from the oils in the peel, and ultimately heavy umami. Plus, they're so colorful and cheerful to look at piled high on your wedding favors table. Add a big decorative punch by personalizing your favors with these preserved lemons labels.

15. Corn Relish

Image via DaringGourmet

Here's a great idea for a summer wedding favor - Sweet corn relish! It’s a wonderful condiment on hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, roasted chicken, tacos or in burritos, or mix it with black beans, tomatoes and onions for a summer salad. Add a rustic corn relish label and you're all set!

16. Pickled Ginger

Image via theKitchn

Spicy, sweet, briny, and bright - this pickled ginger recipe makes a pretty in pink wedding favor idea. Just add a custom pickled ginger label and a thank you tag.

17. Sweet Pickled Figs

Here's something sweet and unusual - sweet pickled figs! Top them off with a custom pickled figs label.

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