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8 Edible Wedding Favors That Even The Most Jaded Wedding Guests Will Love

Deciding on what to give your guests as wedding favors isn't always easy, especially if you think your guests might've seen them all from all the weddings they've attended. We've compiled a list of 8 edible wedding favors that even the most jaded wedding guests will gladly take home. Most importantly, each of these ideas can be personalized to match your wedding theme or showcase your unique story.

1. Midnight Snack Box

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Nobody says no to midnight snacks, especially one that comes with french fries and coke. Leave these by the exit and watch them disappear! Personalize your snack box with custom wedding labels, colorful favor bags that you can fill with homemade cookies or sweets, and add some straws for the beverage.

2. Donuts Wedding Favors

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Who doesn't love a little something sweet at the end of the day? Send your guests home with these individually packaged donuts. Then, top it off with donut themed label or tag.

3. Mixed Nuts Wedding Favors

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Give your guests something to munch on during their flight or car ride home. Make your own with your favorite nuts and spice mix. Put them in a brown paper bag or mason jar and add a pretty label.

4. Limoncello Wedding Favors

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A bottle of limoncello makes a refreshing wedding favor. Add your favorite recipe to make it all that more personal.

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5. Cookie Mix Wedding Favors

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A bag of your favorite cookie recipe ingredients packaged in a rustic burlap bag is a welcoming wedding favor for any wedding. Just add a recipe card with baking instructions.

6. Apple Butter Wedding Favors

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A box filleed with some breakfast pastries, jam, tea and coffee is a thoughtful wedding favor that your guests will appreciate. Who will say no to breakfast in bed? Just add a personal note and tie the box with some baker's twine.

7. Homemade Pickles Wedding Favors

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These jarred pickles add a lovely homemade touch to your wedding favors. Host a home canning party and enlist your family and friends to help you make them. Looking for labels to personalize your jars? May we suggest these pickle canning labels.

8. Olive Oil Wedding Favors

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These olive oil bottles make an elegant statement as your wedding favors. Line them up near the exit for your guests to take home. Consider adding a personalized olive oil favor label or a thank you tag.

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