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11 Delicious Wedding Favors to Spread the Love

Sending your guests home with delicious edibles is always a welcoming gesture. Depending on your wedding budget, you may choose to DIY your wedding favors, buy from a wholesale vendor or procure them from a local artisanal maker. Take it up another notch by personalize your wedding favors with custom wedding labels and hand-lettered tags or hand-stamped tags.

1. Honey Wedding Favors

Image via Pinterest

Honey and weddings are just meant to bee. These miniature honey wedding favors are a sweet way to end your big day. Add a wooden honey dipper, some twine and a personalized tag or honey meant to bee label to complete the look.

2. Strawberry Jam Wedding Favor

Image via stylemepretty.com

You really can't go wrong with a classic like strawberry jam wedding favor. We love how elegantly this one is packaged with simple baker's twine and simple tag.

3. Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Image via shadyacresorganic

Like your sweet mixed in with a little spicy? This raspberry jalapeno jam may be up your alley! Here's a recipe if you'd like to make it yourself. Then, top it off with our custom rustic labels.

4. Hot Sauce Wedding Favors

Image via apartmenttherapy

To continue with our something spicy theme, how about a bottle of your favorite hot sauce as your wedding favor? Personalize it by choosing a local hot sauce brand, and top it off by practicing your hand-lettering on blank hangtags.

5. Lemon Curd Wedding Favors

Image via liagriffith

Give your guests a reason to pucker up with this delicious lemon curd recipe. Personalize your lemon wedding favors with our lemon curd labels, customized with your wedding date and names.

6. Pineapple Rhubarb Jam Wedding Favors

Image via somethingturquoise

An unusual jam flavor provides an element of the unexpected - such as this pineapple rhubarb jam. Stashing them in wooden crates adds a rustic charm. Like the labels you see here? Get your personalized version here.

7. Apple Butter Wedding Favors

Image via simplyrecipes

A favorite for the fall season, homemade apple butter makes great wedidng favors! Here's one of our go-to recipes. We have apple butter labels to help you personalize your apple butter favors.

8. Pumpkin Butter Wedding Favors

Image via skinnytaste

If you're planning a fall wedding, pumpkin butter makes another good choice for your wedding favor. Accessorize your favors with one of our pumpkin butter favor labels.

9. BBQ Wedding Favors

Image via brides.com

Image via snixykitchen

BBQ sauce and BBQ rub make great wedding favors, and they give you an opportunity to showcase your favorite family recipe! Personalize them with the elegant tag or the rustic BBQ sauce label.

10. Tomato Relish Wedding Favors

Image via taste.com.au

Spread your love with some homemade tomato relish - this recipe adds a hint of summer freshness to so many dishes! Seal yours with these tomato relish wedding favor labels.

11. Nutella Chocolate Spread Wedding Favors

Image via Pinterest

How adorable are these miniature nutella wedding favors?! Top them off with a custom wedding seal and a spread the love nutella favor tag.

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